This web page shows images of three kinds of spike balls,
all of which are made from the same spike ball module,
followed by two pages of origami diagrams showing how to
fold the module. Page 2 of the diagrams contains instructions
for assembling the modules into modular constructions known as
Spike Balls, Super Spike Balls, and Super Duper Spike Balls.
The module and the three balls made from it were all invented
by Rona Gurkewitz and Bennett Arnstein.

The mountain creases of the waterbomb bases on the modules of the three balls form polyhedra
as described on page 2 of the origami diagrams which follow. Scroll down to see pages 1 & 2
of the origami diagrams. If you don't know what a waterbomb base shape is, see step 12 on
page 2 of the origami diagrams.

Please note, in the diagrams below "Froebl" should be spelled "Froebel".

For a pdf image of page 1 click here .

For a pdf image of page 2 click here .

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This page transfered to in April, 2017 with permission from Rona Gurkewitz.
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