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Fabric Origami Instructions

Some items you will need for Fabric Origami

  1. A screen for drying: Use a house screen, sweater drying screen, or anything that will allow fabric to dry quickly.
  2. Fabric: 100% cotton broadcloth.
  3. Your favorite origami design and instructions.
  4. A small spreader for applying Stiffy. I used a credit card for a long time, then found a variety of spreaders in paint, craft, and hardware stores.
  5. An iron.
  6. Scissors or rotary cutter/mat. You can also cut a cardboard square to use as a template.
  7. A bottle of Stiffy.

Let's get started:

  1. Cut a piece of cotton fabric 1 inch larger than the intended size. For instance, if you are going to use a 6 inch square to fold, then rough cut a 7 inch square.
  2. Pour about 2 or 3 tablespoons of stiffener on the fabric. Spread the stiffener with any item that will press the solution into the fabrics and pull it away from the surface.
  3. Place fabric on a screen to dry. The fabric should be saturated but not dripping.
While you wait for the fabric to dry... Take a piece of square paper and fold your origami selection. This paper model serves many purposes: Use the paper model to guide you when folding fabric. The model serves as a visual reference to your printed instructions. It defines areas for embellishments, like beading or embroidery. The paper folds will help identify what will show and where.

And to finish the project:

  1. Remove stiffened fabric from the screen when dry.
  2. Iron. I use a high setting with steam. Fabrics will go limp when heat is applied. So lay on a flat surface to cool.
  3. Cut the fabric square using a rotary cutter and cutting mat. If you do not have a cutter, make a template from cardboard and trace with a pencil on to the backside of the fabric.
  4. Cut with scissors.
  5. Now just fold your origami selection, like the paper model and enjoy!
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