Origami Birds

Whenever I talk about origami, people immediately think of origami birds. First of all, the paper crane is iconic to the art of paper folding. Second, there are so many ways to fold a paper bird! The main reason this is so is because a sheet of paper has four corners and these four corners are perfect for making one head, one tail, and two wings.

In contrast, making origami animals are a little more difficult because animals have a head, a tail, and four legs - you need more sections to make a paper animal. Origami insects are even more challenging since a realistic insect will have at least six legs, and two antenna. Let's stick with some easy birds: click onto one of the images below to get started.

origami bird

paper crane

origami dove

drinking bird
Drinking Bird

origami chicken
Egg-Laying Chicken

flapping bird
Flapping Bird

origami pajarita

3D origami swan
3D Swan

origami chicken
Traditional Chicken

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