Origami Calendars

Some of the 2014 Origami calendars are now available! Shown here are the templates or printouts for various origami calendars. We would like to thank the original creators for allowing us to convert the calendars into various languages and sizes. These include, Carmen Sprung, Nick Robinson, Paolo Bascetta, Ralph Jones, Paul Jackson, and more.

2014 Carmen Sprung's Star Calendar

Instructions on how to fold the Star Calendar here
Hint: when folding, position the paper so the year is at the bottom as shown here.

Instructions on how to assemble the pieces together here.
Additional help on assembly available here.

Templates or printouts:
        Small Calendar
        Medium Calendar: pg 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
Star Calendar

2014 Paolo Bascetta's A4 Calendar

Instructions on how to fold and assemble the calendar here.

Templates or printouts:  Rainbow color ,   Black & White:

A4 Calendar A4 Calendar

2014 Paolo Bascetta's Spike Calendar

Instructions on how to fold and assemble the calendar here. Additional help on assembly available here

This model has 24 spikes and 12 faces. The 12 faces offer space for the 12 months of a year. This model is not very stable and should not be thrown around.

Templates or printouts:   small , large

Spike Calendar

2014 Nick Robinson's Rhombic Calendar

Instructions on how to fold the Rhombic Calendar here.
Templates or printouts in:
        German (Sunday first)
        German (Monday first)

2014 Michael Naughton's Multi-Ball Calendar

This fabulous origami ball was originally created by Michael Naughton. It was converted into an origami calendar by Ilona Täschner. The units are simple to fold and the assembly is obvious but tricky. Calendar looks great no matter what colors you print the templates on. However, assembly is a little easier if you use 3 colors of paper (2 sheets of each color). Give it a try.

        Instructions for folding & assembly here
        Templates: Small , Big

origami calendar

2014 Kasahara's Cube Calendar

This Cube Calendar is derived from Kunihiko Kasahara's one-sheet cube. The idea to make it into a calendar is from Ralph Jones.

A cube has six faces so it can only show six months of the year; but, if you invert the cube inside out, the other six months can be shown. Thus, this calendar template needs to be printed so back and front sides superimpose. Only the crease pattern is shown but you can get help on how to collapse the model here.

        template with crease lines: pg 1 , pg 2
        template without crease lines: pg 1 , pg 2
origami calendar

2014 Paul Jackson's Cuboctahedron Calendar

The cuboctahedron shape is familiar to mathematicians as such, the model has been discovered independently by many origami artists. The unit is often attributed to Paul Jackson and Kenneth Kawumara. The business card cuboctahedron is credited to Jeannine Mosley. Calendar templates were generated by Ralph Jones.

This model offers 6 faces for 6 months of the year. To get a full year, you will need to fold two cuboctahedrons. The units are very easy to make. Assembly can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated.

Instructions to fold units: here
Assembly tips: found here and here
Templates or printouts here
origami calendar

Jeremy Shafer's Pen Holder Calendar

This hexagonal pen holder is a variation of the twist box by Tomoko Fuse and Shuzo Fujimoto. It was converted into a calendar by Yaacov Metzger.

Ralph Jones' Flexagon Calendars

Flexagons are geometrical puzzles. Folded with paper, the shapes can be rotated or flexed to show different faces. The months of the year are cleverly printed on different panels so you can get a flexagon calendar.

  • 2014 Tetratetraflexagon Calendar:
    Instructions and printout for tetratetraflexagon.

  • 2014 Pentahexaflexagon Calendar:
    Instructions for assembling pentahexaflexagon.
    Templates or printouts in: color , black & white