Here are some new paper dolls of characters from British tv shows: Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge), of "Keeping Up Appearances," and Mrs. Slocombe (Mollie Sugden), of "Are You Being Served?" Here are lots of outfits for Mrs. Bucket (pronounced Boo-kay!) and Mrs. Slocombe, most based on costumes from their shows. Making his debut is the world-renowned detective from Belgium, Monsieur Hercule Poirot, with a small assortment of dapper, well-pressed clothes. Here is a paper doll of Hyacinth's husband, Richard Bucket (pronounced Buck-et) with a page of his clothes.

Here's Miss Brahms, Mrs. Slocombe's assistant on the ladies' counter, with her clothes. Also taking time off from their jobs at Grace Brothers department store are Mr. Humphries (two poses), Captain Peacock, Mr. Grainger, Mr. Lucas and Mr. Rumbold. I've drawn some of the store furniture (counters and drawers) so you can send the paper dolls back to work in their accustomed environment.

From the outrageous British tv comedy, "The Young Ones," Vyvyan (who was played by Ade Edmondson), and from totally different worlds, Sophia Loren and a couple of ancient Egyptians.

Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek make an appearance, with two pages of clothes. Also from that show are Elaan of Troyius with her four outfits, and Lt. Uhura, the communications officer. (There are color notes for Elaan's clothes, but of course, you can use any colors you like.) From the hilarious British sci-fi comedy tv show "Red Dwarf," The Cat, with several pages of his way cool outfits.


Print out the dolls with their stands and the store fixtures on card stock if your printer accepts it. Otherwise, use the heaviest paper you can, e.g., 24-lb. Color them. Paste the dolls, stands and store counters onto light cardboard (cereal boxes, for instance). Let the paste dry. Cut them out, but do not cut the spaces next to arms and legs. Snip the slots near their feet. Cut out the stands with slots, and insert the stands at the dolls' feet. The stands for M. Poirot, Mr. Rumbold, Captain Peacock, and The Cat have two slots and should curve behind the doll.

Print out the clothes on 24-lb. paper so that they stand up to being colored. Try colored pencils, watercolors (not too wet, or the paper will buckle), colored inks, brush markers, blow-markers, art sticks or crayons. (I like colored pencils, layering different colors for nice effects and shading.) Cut out the clothes with all the tabs intact. Some tabs have slots, too; these lock behind the dolls to keep their clothes flat against them.

Special note for Mrs. Slocombe's extravagant feathered hat -- this oversized hat has three separate tabs. Cut out the hat and the tabs. Place the hat on the doll and lay them both face down on the table. Position the tabs as shown in the little diagram and tape them to the hat. Trim off any excess tape that protrudes around the hat. You'll see other garments with wide edges and separate tabs -- do the same thing with them.

Special note for Elaan doll: When cutting her out, snip into the first lock of hair from her shoulders, so the tabs of her dresses can slip into the slots.


Hyacinth Bucket and her husband Richard

Hyacinth's country tweeds and dress with telephone

Three Hyacinth dresses to decorate

Two Hyacinth town suits

Hyacinth's housework dress and party dress

Hyacinth's gardening dress and tea party ensemble

Hyacinth's estate-visiting dress and several hats

A Hyacinth dress and golfing get-up

Hyacinth offers tea and goes to a christening

A frustrated Hyacinth gets an invitation

Hyacinth goes to an art exhibit

Hyacinth's riverside picnic outfits

Hyacinth goes shopping for gold cufflinks

The Buckets' costumes for the mayor's fancy-dress ball

Hyacinth's QE2 collection, page 1

Hyacinth's QE2 collection, page 2

Hyacinth's QE2 collection page 3

Hetty Wainthropp and Miss Fozzard outfits

Richard's at-home attire and a suit


Mrs. Slocombe and Miss Brahms

Three of Mrs. Slocombe's work outfits

Miss Brahms' work outfits and hairdos

Mrs. Slocombe's Persian lamb coat; little girl dress #1

Mrs. Slocombe's robe, ballet costume and work outfit

Mrs. Slocombe's extravagant feathered get-up

Mrs. Slocombe's pink gown and fur stole

Mrs. Slocombe's American-casual ensemble and wrestling dress

Mrs. Slocombe's night attire and coat with pets

Mrs. Slocombe's raincoat and executive suit

Mrs. Slocombe's waitress and cleaning lady outfits

Mrs. Slocombe's holiday girl outfit and wall-papering attire

Mrs. Slocombe's fishnet stockings; tights and Mary Jane shoes

Mrs. Slocombe's party dress and more work clothes

Mrs. Slocombe's cocktail gown; disposable sleepwear

Mrs. Slocombe's little girl dress #2 and Mad Maw Gumby get-up

Mrs. Slocombe's wedgies; socks and Mary Jane shoes

Mr. Humphries in two poses

Mr. Rumbold and Captain Peacock

Mr. Lucas and Mr. Grainger

Four expressions for Mrs. Slocombe

Miss Brahms' ballet costume plus three hairdos

Mr. Humphries' three-piece suit and tingaling shorts

Two suits for the other Mr. Humphries doll

Mr. Humphries' artist get-up and night shirt

Usherette and chef's outfits for Mr. Humphries

Two ruffly dresses for Mrs. Slocombe

Mrs. S. and Miss B. dine out

Mrs. Slocombe's lederhosen and work jumper

Four dresses for Miss Brahms

Mrs. Slocombe gets engaged and looks for her cat

Mrs. Slocombe's punk and funk garb and bar stool dress

The central display stand at Grace Brothers

Two sales counters

Mrs. Slocombe's drawers

The main sales counter


Hercule Poirot

Poirot's vest, jacket, pants, hat and overcoat

Vyvyan from "The Young Ones"

Vyvyan's denim and t-shirts

Sophia Loren

Two gowns for Sophia Loren

Two day dresses for Ms. Loren

From the original Star Trek: Mr. Spock and Capt. Kirk

Those silly flared pants for Spock and Kirk

Spock and Kirk dress up in "Errand of Mercy"

Elaan of Troyius and Lt. Uhura

Elaan's silver leaf suit and purple shorts outfit

Elaan's two gowns

Ramesses IX and Anhai -- ancient Egyptians

The wonderful Cat from Red Dwarf

The Cat's suits from episodes 1 and 2

Cat's tux with spray can and suit with yoyo

Cat's slick suit and courting suit with skates