And now for a peek into BARF... Get your goggles on.

BARF Landscape
From left around the outside of the tables counterclockwise and then spiraling into the center: Charles Esseltine, Rosalin Moore, Joyce Soo Hoo, Barbara Contos, Namiko Uyemoto, Kayo Kurata, Irene Chan, Michael Kan, Ron Arruda, Damien Marcotte, Karen Houston, Fran Harris, Margaret Novotny, LuRay Novotny, Preston Williams, Louise Yale, Joe Power.

Charles Esseltine teaches how to make French Fries to a group of hungry folders. Front row from left to right: LuRay Novotny, Kaela Ross, Dolores Venegas, Shardonnay Fadenipo, Vincent Fadenipo, Charles Esseltine. Background folders from left to right: Joe Power, Ron Arruda Louise Yale, Michael Kan, Kayo Kurata, Preston Williams, Namiko Uyemoto (eclipsed by Preston’s head), Rosalin Moore.

Dolores putting the final touches on her very original
"Exploding Boat" as Shardonnay looks on.

"Wait, I'm not done yet!... Ok...

Now, 1, 2, 3, BOOM! The Boat has exploded."

Kaela Ross displaying her "Heart."
(an original model!)

Heather Knight of the San Francisco Chronicle doing a story on BARF.
Click here to read the story.

Michael Kan shows off his new "Swiveling Snake" model which he stumbled upon while attempting Jeff Beynon's "Spring into Action".

"Hey Where'd Everyone go?".
Latecomers Susan Schoen and Charles Knuffke find themselves to be lateleavers as well.

And where's Jeremy?
In the origami display room at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival, trying to fit in.

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