Here are a few more pictures of my models.
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Kid Jumping on a Bed
Folded from a one dollar

Folded from a 10-inch square of paper. This model is so old the photo is in black and white, (just kidding), but it is old — I designed and folded it in the seventh grade.

Kangaroo Pegasus
I designed this model in the eighth grade but the one pictured above was folded much later from a 12-inch square of Wyndstone paper.

Promotional Brochure

Woven Dollar
Folded from one dollar. Note this is really just one single closed path that weaves around itself. I designed the model in April, 1999 while on a train in France.

Familiar Spaceship
I didn't even call this model Star Trek Enterprise and yet it was still pulled from my book By St. Martin's Press out of fear of legal action by Paramount Pictures. So instead I've published it on on this website... for PDF diagrams
click here.

Pinnacle Logo
Folded from 24" Wyndstone Painted with Acrylic Commision for Pinnacle Corporation, 1997

This was the envelope to the PR packet I sent to Jay Leno in a bid to get on his show. I got turned down, but there is always next time.

3-D Flasher, folded from 20" Equalateral Triangle of Winstone Marble
YinYang, folded from 10" Japanese foil.

Flaming Flasher
Bologna, Italy December 2000

Baby on a Bed

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