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Where do I get more origami patterns and information?
You can get more information from online resources, visit your library, or request books from your local bookstore. They all have a wealth of information.

wine and gift totes Where do I get a stiffener and a rotary cutter with mat?
Fabric Stiffeners, along with the rotary cutter and mat, can be purchased from amazon.com or at your local craft and fabric stores.

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How much fabric does Stiffy cover?
8 oz. of Stiffy will cover 45 in. x 45 in. of 100 % cotton broadcloth. This is equivalent to 25 eight inch squares or 3 boxes which use eight pieces a box. Coarser fabrics absorb more, thinner fabric use less.

How long does it take the fabric to dry?
Not very long, about 15 to 20 minutes. In winter I use a little fan and in summer, the fabric dries in just minutes.

Should I wash my fabric first?
No, since sizing is not an issue here. If ScotchGuard or some similar finish inhibits the absorption of stiffener, you might want to rinse out the fabric first.

Can you dilute Stiffy with water?
With the possible exception of silk, straight from the bottle is just right. Silk absorbs stiffener differently. Use slightly diluted.

How can I 'finish' or freshen a piece?
Just iron it. I use a block of 4x4 wood, place the lid or box inverted on the block and put a steam iron to it. This gives the box a nice finish as well as freshen up a box.

What do you use for a template?
I use plexiglas templates that are sized to the proportions I use most often in the workshop. See templates, online. You can also use a stiff cardboard for a template and just trace directly on the backside of the fabric and cut with scissors. But you must be sure that your template is absolutely a true square.

What kind of set up do you use to apply Stiffy?
I apply the stiffener to the fabric square on a washable surface. A counter top or laminated table top will work. Most often I use the back of a rotary cutting mat covered with a white self-adhesive shelf liner.

Does Stiffy wash up?
Yes, even if you accidentally leave and it dries on a surface. Wash up with warm water. Let this be a caution to you. Don't get your origami wet. You might have to refold your piece.

How much stiffener should I put on the fabric?
Start out with about 2 to 3 tablespoons. Scrape off excess, but don't scrape dry. Leave wet enough to cling to the screen. If the fabric is dripping, you have too much.

Where did you get your screens?
I purchased an inexpensive frame kit and some soft screen material from a hardware store. It was very easy to assemble. It just snapped together. A screen for drying sweater also works. I started with window screens. You can also hang the pieces on a clothesline.

Sometimes the screen leaves build-up marks on the fabric...what can be done about this?
I don't bother if it's on the inside. A damp cloth and a little scrubbing action will immediately remove any build up. Turn over the piece and iron the opposite side till dry again.

Will the stiffener effect my iron or boards?
Occasionally I clean the sole plate of the iron with some rubbing alcohol after extended use

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