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Fabric Origami Tools

Fabric Origami Tools are no longer for sale from this web site, however, you can buy them from your local craft stores or from online sources such as amazon.com.

The right tools can make all the difference.

fabric Origami fabric Origami fabric Origami fabric Origami fabric Origami fabric Origami
  • templates: Templates come in different shapes and sizes and ensures accurate cuts.
  • bone folders: These are often made from plastic but you may be able to find some made from wood or bone. Bone folders effect sharp, crisp creases and allows you to extend folds into hard to reach corners.
  • Fabric Stiffeners: these are often water based formulas that works well on cotton, synthetic, and blended fabrics. It gives fabric ridgity so it can retain creases better.
  • rotary cutter: a remarkable cutting tool similar to a pizza cutter. It allows you to cut long strips of fabric in one continuous sweep.
  • cutting mat: an excellent surface for cutting your fabric. most have gradations so you can gauge the size of the cut fabric Many cutting mats are self-healing and can be used over and over again.
  • Vinyl inserts: gives checkbooks structure and rigdity.
  • lavendar: fragrant lavender for your folded boxes.