A Sonobe Model

This page describes how to make the model shown on page http:https://make-origami.com/HelenaVerrill/sonobe.php. Note, if you click on any of the images, you'll get a larger picture of the same thing, in case you want to see more detail.

You'll need thirty units. Once they are made, crease them in the directions shown.

First put five together. The first picture shows five that have to go together. The second shows what it would look like if they are placed together but not locked in place. Then the next few show how to lock them together.

Next add five more units round the edges. Each added unit will make a kind of pyramid shape form.

Here's the first one going in place:

The rest of them go round in these places, and are locked in place:

A couple more views of it at this stage:

Now there are places where five units should come togehter, if you have only three so far, you need to add two more, so five come together at that vertex, as in this example; you need to go round and do this five times:

Here are a few views of what we've got so far:

Go round completing the 'pyramids' (or 'bumps'), eg, here we add a pale blue unit between the pink and slightly darker pale blue unit:

Turn the model slightly, and repeat, adding a green unit between the yellow and pink units:

In other places you need to make five come together. Here, there are four units, and one more, the pink one added, will complete this vertex:

Finally, we just need to add a few last units and tuck the flaps in place to complete the model:

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