Collection 3

The following patterns are all closely related. In each case the row starts with a picture of the crease pattern of a single unit, then a view of several units together, and then views of the origami itself.
creases/sqp/spq1u.gif creases/sqp/spq1m.gif
creases/sqp/spq2u.gif creases/sqp/spq2m.gif
creases/sqp/spq3u.gif creases/sqp/spq3m.gif tes3v3f.jpg
creases/sqp/spq4u.gif creases/sqp/spq4m.gif
creases/sqp/spq5u.gif creases/sqp/spq5m.gif
creases/sqp/spq6u.gif creases/sqp/spq6m.gif tes3v5f.jpg photos/photo11.jpg
creases/sqp/spq7u.gif creases/sqp/spq7m.gif
creases/sqp/spq8u.gif creases/sqp/spq8m.gif
creases/sqp/spq9u.gif creases/sqp/spq9m.gif
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