Pascal Triangle Instructions

These are instructions for making a unit which can be used to build a Pascal triangle pattern. Start from a square of paper.

1. Pinch small creases to marks
the mid point of two opposite
edges, and fold two opposite
sides to the center line, using
the creases to find the center line.
2. Fold the top edge to
one of the lines made:
3. repeat to the other
line, and open out:
4. Turn over and use the
crease marks to fold
the top quarter of
the paper over:
5. Then fold the bottom
corners over to meet
the edge:
6. Fold down the corners
to get to the previous
step, and turn over,
and fold up the bottom
7. Open out and the creases
should look like this:
8. The top part should
naturally fold down
like this:
9. Bring the bottom part up:
10. And flatten like this:

Make several units.

11. Put two together,
so they look like
this on one side:
12. and this on the

A pattern can be built up. Usually, when adding a unit to the pattern, it's easier to open it out and fold it back flat after slotting into position:

Here's 6 units joined together:

you can also use paper that is rectangular but not square and make longer units, and put them together to possibly get something like this:

It is possible to fold the edges up neatly to finish off so they won't come open.

There are several variations, or additions possible. See the followng pages (click on the picture to go to the page):

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