Origami Quilts

Quilt 1

Below are photo instructions for making a unit of this quilt. You can click on each photo to see a larger image. I hope these instructions are easy to follow even with no written instructions. If you require a written desription, let me know.

dscf1343.JPG dscf1344.JPG dscf1346.JPG dscf1347.JPG
dscf1348.JPG dscf1349.JPG dscf1350.JPG dscf1352.JPG
dscf1353.JPG dscf1362.JPG dscf1363.JPG dscf1458.JPG
dscf1364.JPG dscf1365.JPG dscf1366.JPG dscf1367.JPG
dscf1368.JPG dscf1369.JPG dscf1370.JPG dscf1371.JPG
dscf1372.JPG dscf1373.JPG dscf1374.JPG dscf1375.JPG
dscf1376.JPG dscf1377.JPG dscf1378.JPG dscf1379.JPG

The last picture in the above sequence shows the finished unit.

Next are the instructions for joining two units:

dscf1379.JPG dscf1380.JPG
They are joined by sliding one "leg" of one unit inside one of the "legs" of the other:

dscf1381.JPG dscf1382.JPG dscf1383.JPG dscf1384.JPG

The last picture above shows the reverse of the origami.

Carry on as above, and you can join together as many units as you want. Here are four units together:


Nine units, back and front:

There are several variations possible. Click on the images to go to pages describing the variations:

Basic unit Variation One Variation Two Variation Three Variation Four
vdscf1459.JPG dscf1457.JPG vdscf1414.JPG dscf1429.JPG dscf1453.JPG


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