Origami Quilts

Quilt 1 - variation 1

This variation is not really a quilt---it's supposed to look like a flower, and stand alone. But a very slight modification on the next page shows how it can be made into a quilt.

Here are the photo instructions. You can click on each photo to see a larger image. I hope these instructions are easy to follow even with no written instructions. If you require a written desription, let me know.

First follow the first three rows of the instructions here to get to the following stage:


Next fold the corners in to the crease marks shown:


Then continue as for the basic unit

dscf1388.JPG dscf1389.JPG dscf1390.JPG dscf1391.JPG
dscf1392.JPG dscf1393.JPG dscf1394.JPG dscf1395.JPG

The last image shows the "flower" with more shaping. Here's another view of the finished modle:


Click on the images to go to pages describing the variations:

Basic unit Variation One Variation Two Variation Three Variation Four
dscf1459.JPG dscf1457.JPG dscf1414.JPG dscf1429.JPG dscf1453.JPG


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