Origami Quilts

Quilt 1 - variation 2

With a very slight modification to the previous variation we can join units to make quilts like this:

There are actually two different kinds of units, though they are almost the same, and in fact you could take them all to be the same, but to save time you only really need to do the following "extra" folding on the units that will be "on top" - that's the orange ones in the above picture---you can see there's more orange showing than blue.

The extra folding is as follows. Take a unit, as folded following the instructions here (this is with out the last step of shaping), and turn it over:

dscf1399.JPG dscf1400.JPG

Then proceed as follows:

dscf1406.JPG dscf1407.JPG dscf1408.JPG dscf1409.JPG

Turned back to front, and the finished unit looks like this:


Then we can join two together like this:

dscf1411.JPG dscf1412.JPG dscf1413.JPG

And four joined look like this, with second picture showing the reverse:

dscf1414.JPG dscf1415.JPG

Click on the images to go to pages describing the variations:

Basic unit Variation One Variation Two Variation Three Variation Four
dscf1459.JPG dscf1457.JPG dscf1414.JPG dscf1429.JPG dscf1453.JPG


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