Origami Quilts

Quilt 1 - variation 3

This variation of the basic unit is simply to add a diagonal crease. Then polyhedral models can be made. Here's the unit, starting with the unit described here, then turning it over and creasing the diagonals, and accentuating the diagonal creases in the direction shown:

dscf1461.JPG dscf1462.JPG dscf1416.JPG dscf1417.JPG

Here's another view of the unit:


Then put two units together like this (click on the images for a larger picture, as usual):

dscf1419.JPG dscf1420.JPG dscf1421.JPG dscf1422.JPG dscf1423.JPG

Putting the third unit together to form a triangle may require a little distortion of the model during the folding:

dscf1424.JPG dscf1425.JPG dscf1426.JPG dscf1428.JPG

When three are together properly they should look something like this:

dscf1429.JPG dscf1430.JPG

And then you just continue, adding units to create the model you desire. There is an infinite number of ways you can put these units together to make polyhedra with faces with sides which are squares or triangles. Here are a few examples:

poly-pics/aa2.jpg poly-pics/aa7.jpg poly-pics/aa27.jpg
poly-pics/aa1.jpg poly-pics/aa8.jpg poly-pics/pol15.jpg

If you use squares of paper half the width and length of the paper used for this unit, you can use them to make tetrahedra following the instructions on this page, and these fit nicely into the triangular holes, as in the image on the left below. For the image on the right, "corners" have been made from the sonobe unit (from paper about 1/root(2) size of the squares for the frame of the polyhedra), and various simple tessellations (from the same size square paper as the quilt unit used for the frame) have been slotted into the square faces.

poly-pics/pol2.jpg poly-pics/pol17.jpg

Click on the images to go to pages describing the variations:

Basic unit Variation One Variation Two Variation Three Variation Four
dscf1459.JPG dscf1457.JPG dscf1414.JPG dscf1429.JPG dscf1453.JPG


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