Origami Quilts

Quilt 1 - variation 4

This polyhedra unit is a very slight variation on the unit described here. The diagonal folds are slightly different, and this creates chunkier edges to the polyhedra.

dscf1431.JPG dscf1432.JPG dscf1433.JPG dscf1434.JPG
dscf1435.JPG dscf1436.JPG dscf1437.JPG dscf1438.JPG
dscf1439.JPG dscf1440.JPG dscf1441.JPG dscf1442.JPG
dscf1443.JPG dscf1444.JPG dscf1445.JPG dscf1446.JPG

The last picture above shows two units put together. The way of joining these units is pretty much the same as the way the units on this page were joined. In this case the units are easier to put together, but they don't hold together quite as strongly.

Here's some more polyhedra made from this unit (two views of each model):

poly-pics/aa13.jpg poly-pics/aa26.jpg poly-pics/aa18.jpg poly-pics/aa23.jpg
poly-pics/aa15.jpg poly-pics/aa24.jpg poly-pics/aa19.jpg poly-pics/aa22.jpg

Other variations on this unit are possible, for example, with even fewer diagonal folds:


Here's another variation (made with the crease pattern rotated 45 degrees with respect to the paper, as compared with the other variations of this unit):

poly-pics/aa10.jpg poly-pics/aa11.jpg

Yet another variation can be made from hexagonal shaped paper, resulting in a model with three "legs" instead of four, which means the vertices of the polyhedra have degree 3:


Click on the images to go to pages describing the variations:

Basic unit Variation One Variation Two Variation Three Variation Four
dscf1459.JPG dscf1457.JPG dscf1414.JPG dscf1429.JPG dscf1453.JPG


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